Surgery and implantology

We have been dealing with implantoprosthetics for 10 years and we are constantly expanding our knowledge and practice, we have the best surgeons in our team, and their effectiveness translates into the satisfaction of our patients.

Attractive prices, the best materials and modern technologies attract patients from all over the world to us.

Implantology Price

Milk tooth extractionfrom 35 $
Tooth extraction under anesthesiafrom 60 $
Surgical tooth extraction240 $
Surgical dressing, sutures, suture removal35 $
Abscess incision with drainage47 $
Root apex resection180 $
Maxillary sinus lift1050 $
Bone block graft collected from a patient585 $
Supplementing the bone level with bone substitute materialfrom 470 $
Other surgical procedures (eg frenulum surgery)190 $
PREMIUM BEGO implant. 700 $
BEGO implant with a temporary crown. 820 $
BEGO implant with temporary crown + individual abutment + zirconium crown, computer-designed in the CAD-CAM system + individual characterization of the crown. 1400 $
Selecting an implant 95 $
Standard connector 190 $
Individual switch 350 $

All procedures in the field of surgery and implantation are individually priced based on the patient's imaging diagnostics.


What distinguishes us is our own prosthetic laboratory, where we design and cut zirconium crowns and bridges. Tell us what kind of smile you dream about and we will create it. In metamorphoses you will see patients whose lives have changed.

Complete denture 350 $
Total biofunctional denture700 $
Partial denture (3-8)from 190 $
Microprosthesis (1-3)from 120 $
Classic skeleton denture600 $
Denture repairfrom 48 $
Acrylic denture on 2 or 4 implantsfrom 700 $
Crown on zirconium foundation470 $
Zirconium crown on the implantfrom 590 $
Inlay, onlay, nanoceramic overlay240 $
Point in the PMMA bridge190 $
PLN Acrylic crown120 $
Hard relaxation splint140 $
Soft relaxation splint140 $
Hard-soft splint170 $
Crown and root inlay from 100 $