Our World Dental clinic has been implementing international projects for many years.

We are currently implementing an innovative EU project related to the development of medical tourism in Poland.

Project title: Promotion of the offer of NZOZ WORLD DENTAL MILENA BUDREWICZ on the markets of the Persian Gulf countries through participation in the general promotion program.

Purpose of the project:

The aim of the Project is to promote the Applicant's offer, i.e. innovative dental treatments under the World Dental brand, through the implementation of promotional activities.

Planned effects:

  • increasing the number of patients served;
  • improving the quality of international patient service;
  • building a strong national and international brand World Dental;
  • diversification and increase in the amount of revenues;
  • acquisition of new competences within the organization;
  • transformation of organizational culture;

For six years we have been implementing a project developing medical tourism in our clinic on the US market - Chicago, Florida, New York. For years, we have specialized in comprehensive services for Polish patients living in the USA, as well as for people. Americans. Patients from the USA praise both the quality of our work and the very attractive and competitive price of our services.

Another very interesting project that we are implementing is the IRON WOMAN project

Our charity project Mission Africa

Our clinic will help you in the implementation of the project in which we help people who are most in need at RCA to regain their health and smile.

About the project

Healthcare in the RŚA is not subsidized by the state. Medical facilities only have medical materials and medicines provided by humanitarian organizations. The staff, on the other hand, are 85% unskilled people only trained for the profession by other uneducated people working in these centers. As much as 30 percent of tooth-related infections are fatal and as much as 50% - very serious infections. Lack of knowledge, equipment and drugs means that ordinary toothache can end in the death of an adult or a child. As many as 95% of children in RŚA have never had their own toothbrush! In Sangha Mbaere Prefecture, which has a population of 150,000, there is not a single dentist's office!

Our goal!

We want to provide dental care to other health centers in the Central African Republic, and consequently to open at least one dental surgery in the Sangha Mbaere prefecture.

We invite you to participate in the screenshot on our project: