We have our own prostetic labolatory in our clinic. thanks to this, we can perform work for our patients with the greatest precision and accuracy. One of such computer technologies that has revolutionized the world of dentistry is the use of CAD / CAM systems, i.e. computer aided design and milling of full-zirconia prosthetic restorations. Performing a prosthetic restoration in a traditional way requires the execution of burdensome steps in the form of impressions, casting models, technical procedures in the prosthetic laboratory, transport of work between the prosthetic laboratory and the office, and several patient visits in the office.


BEGO implants are the most natural and innovation. Screwed into the jaw bone, made of biocompatible titanium, "screw" functions as the root of the missing tooth, on which a procelan or ceramic prosthetic crown is placed, with its shape and color resembling a natural tooth.

The German company Bego Implant Systems was established in 1990. Bego Implants Systems is also a valued manufacturer of bone substitute materials of natural and synthetic origin.


We use a scanner to scan our patients' teeth. Next, in our laboratory, we design beautiful, aesthetic, natural smiles on the computer screen in the 3 SHAPE system. The patient can see on the computer screen his dream, designed smile.

Thanks to this innovative technology, our patients from the medical tourism sector can be served quickly and efficiently.

We work with the most modern equipment.

Our dental offices are perfectly equipped, comfortable and adapted to the needs of the most demanding patients. We have modern dental units, physiodispensers for implantological procedures, piezosurgery, centrifuge for platelet - rich plasma.x-ray imaging diagnostics. We work with great precision in dental loupes, we use the most modern materials and German PREMIUM implants by BEGO company.


We have well- equipped dental offices